This program is perfect for you if you are an ambitious woman who has many dreams and desires

You've always felt like you wanted a BIGGER life, that you were meant for MORE.

Dream career or even your own business, dream house, car, luxury travel, ideal body, fame and even relocation to your dream city (this actually happened to me)

I am here to tell you that whatever you want in life is absolutely possible for you! And more than that, all your desires have been waiting for you to call them in!

And the best part, it doesn't have to be hard or take forever. I love manifesting with ease and floooow! And I know you want that too.

Many people believe that to achieve your dream life you need to work REALLY HARD.

Or that in order to manifest you need to think positive all the time (yeah, not possible, we're not robots, right?!)

In my program I will show you my step by step formula that will allow you to attract anything you want into your life. 


Let’s fast forward a few months from now

You have already started programming your reality.

You manifested your dream house

You found your purpose

Your bank account is growing

You are traveling to dream destinations

You manifested your ideal partner

You are feeling more confident than ever

And you realize that you have now achieved one MAJOR THING

You are living life on your own terms. 

Being with the people you love

Being excited to do what brings you joy and sparks your soul

Experiencing freedom and peace

Buying yourself whatever you want

Traveling in comfort and style


Here’s the truth

Learning how to program my reality has allowed me to live my best life and for the first time ever feel peace & fulfillment inside knowing that every day I get to do what I am passionate about and I can’t even call it “work” because it brings me a sense of deep purpose and joy. 

I’ll never forget the moment I decided to start intentionally manifesting my life. I was doubting myself, I had no clue what I was doing, I was confused & lost.

I kept thinking what if this is all a scam?

What if it doesn’t work for me?

What if I don’t deserve it?

You know what got me to the other side of that fear?

The possibility of having EVERYTHING I have ever dreamed of.

Financial freedom, living in Europe, spending afternoons at the beach tanning, slow mornings, reading in cute cafes, traveling and staying at luxury hotels, buying as many designer bags as I wanted, feeling peaceful and most importantly fulfilled inside.

Knowing that what I do creates a positive impact in the world and improves people’s lives.

All without sacrificing my time or energy. 

Without having to work really hard for it.

Without waiting forever to achieve it.

Learning how to *manifest* my reality has changed my life in ways I could have not even imagined. 

And I want it to change yours too! 

It's time to release all the obstacles that are standing in the way of you embodying your most magnetic self and attract everything you’ve ever wanted! 

This isn't just a course, it's a ROADMAP that will take you from your current reality into your DREAM LIFE where everything is possible for you and you get whatever your heart desires.

14+ hours of content. Each lesson of the program has been pre-recorded and you get lifetime access to the program. 

The course is accessed inside Floovly app.


Price: 1111 EUROS

14+ hours of content


Module 0. Foundations

Foundations of life

Module 1

Foundations: Quantum physics proves Manifestation

Module 2

Understanding how your subconscious mind shapes your life

Module 3

Tools to shift your energy to deal with “problems”

Module 4

How to release attachment and manifest faster

Module 5

Why manifesting money is wrong and what to do instead

Module 6

What is “intention” and why your desires never come true

Module 7

How to visualize the right way

Module 8

How to find your dream if you think you don’t have dreams

Module 9

Reading the signs of the Universe & Hearing your soul’s guidance

Module 10

Following Fake dreams vs True dreams

Module 11

Jealousy and how to use it to manifest

Module 12

How to find motivation when things get tough

Module 13

How to make affirmations actually work for you

Module 14

Setting “dreams” the right way and declaring them

Module 15

Identifying any subconscious limiting beliefs that are secretly holding you back

Module 16

How to release these subconscious limiting beliefs

Module 17

Why your dreams haven’t been manifested so far?

Module 18

The power of gratitude now and how to do it the right way to manifest

Module 19

Learning to surrender the “how” to speed up manifestation

Module 20

Meditation to take aligned action and open up to opportunities

Module 21

Designing the perfect scenario of your life

Module 22

Manifesting meditation

Module 23

Daily practice to manifest with ease and flow

Module 24

Manifesting a soul mate

Module 25

Masterclass: Quantum Jumping. How to energetically match your dream reality and attract it faster

Module 26

Connecting with your Intuition and why it's crucial on your manifestation journey

Module 27

How to find your purpose and start your soul business

Module 28

Meditation to plant your purpose


    Release limiting beliefs through the power of breath work


    Diving into subconscious patterns, emotional reactions and working with your triggers.


    How to build a relationship with yourself and be your greatest love story in order to attract the man of your dreams.


    How to attract, create and maintain a healthy relationship


    Deep dive into the emotion of anger, how it impacts our body, wellbeing & life fulfillment + practice to release anger


    Psychology of money, the secret sauce behind receiving in overflow & shifting to your wealthiest timeline.


    Upcoming workshop. Self-expression and how to use art on your healing journey


    Upcoming workshop. Tools to regulate your nervous system to feel safe and nourished in your body vs worn out and depleted.


You can also download FLOOVLY app and enroll inside the app.

Upcoming new modules

Module 28

Father wound and how it affects manifestation

Module 29

Getting rid of old goals to make space

Module 30

How to escape the matrix

Module 31

What is Higher Self and how to connect with it