We're Firuza and Ramin, a married couple that founded this project. 

We're travel enthusiasts, e-commerce entrepreneurs and obsessed with all things mental health!

In 2018 we quit our jobs and started an e-commerce business, we worked 16 hours a day, stress level was over the top! After 2 years of struggle we realized it's time we shift our focus inward. We began learning about improving our mental health, working on our mindset, becoming more spiritual. 

This path led us to flowers

Whenever we had flowers at home, we noticed we felt much better. A bit of research showed that we were right! Flowers do affect you positively! We found out that flowers reduce anxiety, worry and help heal. With flowers around the home, people feel less depressed or agitated. Even the smell of flowers helps relieve stress and anxiety. 

So why not have flowers at home all the time?!