About us


We're Firuza and Ramin, a married couple that founded this project. 

2 years ago Firuza was away in another country.

And Ramin wanted to support her, make her feel loved.

He wanted to show her affection.

He couldn’t.

You know why?

Because he wanted to send her flowers and there were no flower shops in that city that could accept online payments and deliver on time.

Apparently a simple task as getting flowers delivered to another city today is

  • Not easy
  • Time consuming
  • Inconvenient
  • Not online


Firuza didn’t get the flowers.

But they got an idea. 

That's how Floovly was born. 


Floovly connects LOCAL FLOWER SHOPS with CUSTOMERS around the globe, regardless of their location, allowing anyone anywhere to send flowers to loved ones in other geographic locations.

Floovly is the quickest, easiest way to send flowers around the globe.

We are passionate about helping our planet too, hence with Floovly we also aim at reducing floral waste! 

We make life good for YOU

YOU make life good for the PLANET



If you are a flower shop, you can join our platform HERE.